Rain, Milwaukee, & Potlucks!

There’s lots of good veggies to be had this week in the shop. Come on by and grab up some of the goodies that the much needed rain has brought. Wayne Stohl will be bringing some tomatoes from a fresh row of plants that just started hitting. I spoke with him on the phone and he said his land looked like a whole new world after the 9 inches of rain he received. I’m happy to be able to have a way to support him by getting some of his hard work for you to come grab up!

This week I’ll be heading to Milwaukee for the Growing Power conference, Growing Power first hosted this event in 2010. Nearly 1500 participants gathered at the Milwaukee State Fair to share ideas for building healthy and resilient community-based food systems. The conference was diverse in every sense. It included farmers, aspiring farmers, renewable energy experts, urban planners, corporate executives, politicians, academics, chefs, microbiologists, and people from countless other walks of life. It included folks from nearly every state in the union—and from several countries across the globe. One of the great outcomes of the first conference was the cultivation of new relationships, and the sharing of knowledge. I’m super excited to meet so many new people and learn from them!

I was really happy to see an article in Spaces magazine on Howard’s! Check it out! Don’t forget to save the date for September 23rd. Howard’s, La Cucaracha Press and City Ice Arts will be hosting a Pot Luck at 6 o’clock on that Sunday night. Plan to bring a dish and have a good time!


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