579327_4142799001543_50309334_nHoward’s Organic Fare and Vegetable Patch is a membership grocery and caterer supporting the relationship between local producers and consumers through a commitment to organic, fair trade and humanely raised goods.



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  1. I’m wondering how this is stocked… are there a certain days of the week that you/your suppliers stock it with fresh produce, therefore a better day to shop? Or is it stocked as needed and kept pretty much full every day? I’d hate to come every Friday only to learn that it’s always picked over and not re-stocked until Saturday or Monday, for example. Also, do your suppliers let members know when something is seasonal – such as a special delivery, or when something is about to run out of, (so “stock up”!) such as eggs, or stored winter vegetables, etc.?

    • Hi! The veggies are stocked a few different times a week. Muroak Farm comes on Tuesday. Thursdays are a great day to come, also. Lots of farmers make deliveries to restaurants on that day so they swing by Howard’s then. On Saturday, I get some veggies from a couple of the farmers who come to the market already. So the inventory stays fresh throughout the week. Our farmers will give a heads up on what’s coming and going veggie wise and will include that in the newsletter. Eggs keep coming in all year so no worries about that. If you have any more questions please let me know. Thanks for your interest and come on by and check out the shop soon! Have a great day!

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